Keitaro Update

At this page you can see available updates for TDS.

Manual Update

External DBs

At this tab you can see the list of external databases and available updates for them.


Here you can see all scripts of migrations. In particular, it's a modification of the database under the new version of TDS. Usually they are activated automatically after updating TDS but you can activate them manually.

Possible Problems After Updating From 5 to 6 Version

1. If after updating or after saving the group you see mistakes like this “Uncaught exception ‘ADODB_Exception’ with message…”: — open the page “Updates/Migrations” and restart migrations alternately from 10 to 20 version. If you see some mistakes during the migration restarting it's okay - it means that the migration was completed successfully earlier.

2. If your admin panel is opened with a broken design: — move custom redirects (if you added it) from application/data/redirects/ to application/redirects. Then delete or rename application/data/redirects.