General Statistics of Traffic

Summary statistics of your traffic for all groups.

Streams Statistics

The amount of traffic that passed through every stream, it is grouped by days. There are three values: the number of hits, the number of unique visitors and the conversion rate (if the conversion tracking is enabled).


The number of visitors in the group per hour.


Details about all visitors. Here you can see information about every visitor. Filtration and sorting columns are provided.


The number of visitors by country which is grouped by days. Countries are determined by the built-in database GeoIP.


A list of keywords and their amount which are grouped by days. Keywords are taken from se_referrer or the parameter keyword.


A list of sources which is grouped by days. The sources are taken from referrers or from parameter source.


A list of referrers which is grouped by days. The referrers are taken from a visitor's browser or parameter referrer.

Search Engines

A list of search engines which is grouped by days. Values from parameters “se_referer” or “se” will be written in the statistics if these parameters were provided.


The table of sales will be available if you enable the conversion at the group. Here you can see all conversions which were made at CPA-networks and were received through postbacks.

Export of Statistics

Most tables can export the report. The default encoding is CP1251, you can change it at application/config/config.ini.