How to Send Traffic to a Group

Every group has a unique URL. Press the button “Get URL” to get it.

Example of group URLs:

“uKew” it's a group alias.

Passing Parameters

  • keyword — a keyword (aliases: keywords, tds-key);
  • referrer;
  • se_referrer — referrer of a search engine, TDS takes out a source and a keyword of it;
  • source — a source;
  • se — a search engine;
  • id — a group alias (aliases: sid, group_id);
  • charset — encoding of the keyword;
  • sub_id_1, sub_id_2, sub_id_3, sub_id_4 — channels that are stored in the statistics;
  • extra_param_1, extra_param_2…, extra_param_7 — additional parameters which are stored in the statistics;

For example, URL with parameters:

Note: Do not pass the parameter "subid" — it is used for internal purposes of TDS.


Alias is used for URLs of the group. For example, URL with an alias “abc” will look like:

Stream Selection Mode

  • Linear. Streams will be sorted according to their positions at the group list. If the first stream won't accept a visitor, visitor will go to the next stream.
  • Random. If a random selected stream won't accept a visitor, the visitor will go to the next random stream.

Cookies Lifetime

When cookies are expired. Cookies are used for Unique-filter in streams.

Action for Bots

You can choose what to do with bots which were detected.

  • Return 404 Not Found. A blank page with status “404 Not Found” will be displayed.
  • Send to. You can send bots to a specific page (you need to enter URL).
  • Show text. Write some text that will be displayed for bots.
  • Skip. Bots as regular users will go to streams.

Active Group

All traffic passing on the disabled group will go to Extra URL.

Track Conversions

It allows you to enable additional features. Read more at the page Conversions.

Group for targeted banners ads

If it's checked you can add the ad html-code to streams instead of URL.

The Last Action

If neither of streams accept a visitor then “The Last Action” will be turned on. Read about actions at the page Stream Actions.