Dealing with bots

At TDS settings you can enable any method for detecting bots: by the signature of the user-agent, check in the database of ip, signatures, host or just check an availability of the user-agent.

User Agent

Check by a build-in database of signatures. You can detect the search bots, crawlers of analytics services and parsers.


Check by a database of ip-addresses. You can expand it by creating an additional list.

Empty user-agent

Everyone with empty user-agent will be detected as bot.

Action for Bots

In version up to 6.0 you can't set an action for bots. All bots get an error page “404 Not Found”. In version 6.0 and higher you can set an action for bots at the group settings.

Additional List

Create a file my.ip.dat (in version KeitaroTDS 6.0 — bots.additional.dat) in the directory /var/bots. This file should contain a list of ip-addresses or CIDR - one value per line.

For example:

Other variants of writing ip intervals are not supported.