• Fixed bug with saving rules for users
  • Fixed title in page Browsers


  • Fixed downloading Sypex City Full
  • Fixed loading error in page Sources
  • Fixed symbols escaping in Extra URL


  • New format of SubId {group_id}-{stream_id}-{YYYY}{MM}{DD}{unique_number};
  • Fixed error 500 in page Statistics > Sources


  • Fixed bug with parameter “accept” in postbacks;


  • Fixed clearing statistics by group
  • Fixed usage of ip ranges with spaces in stream filter (x.x.x.x - y.y.y.y)


  • Fixed bug with authorization, which caused message “{success: true}” instead of showing interface


  • Fixed prunes for old statistic data (browsers, os, device types)
  • Added Postback URL that doesn't use mod_rewrite
  • Added parameter “accept” for postbacks to specify confirmed statuses
  • Fixed URL in generated banner iframe when enabled “links in legacy mode”
  • Fixed calculation of conversion for postbacks with empty value of variable “profit”


  • Fixed “PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 17 in …CheckInList.php on line 0”;
  • Fixed “undefined%” in statistics.


  • Fixed bug with cache (TDS performs several queries to MySQL in Redis-mode)


  • Added conversion rate by sources
  • Allowed to use postbacks as pixel tracking. Returns 1×1 px gif-image when request performs from <img>


  • Fixed reseting state of filter “Device Model”


  • Hide groups that not permitted to see for current user in window “Move streams”


  • Fixed error “Warning: json_encode():Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument in”
  • Fixed error “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()”


  • Fixed slow search in bot-lists


  • Saving sources, referrers and some other params for bots to statistics
  • Fixed bug with identification IE10 Mobile


  • Fixed table width in page “Visitors”


  • Fixed error when json-extension is not installed


  • Fixed error with saving stats from Redis when tables have different columns
  • Fix encoding of extracted keyword from referrer


  • Added parameters sub_id_1, sub_id_2, sub_id_3, sub_id_4 and columns for them in the table “Visitors”. You can skip the underscore (subid1, subid2)
  • Added parameters extra_param_1, extra_param_2…, extra_param_7 and columns for them in the table “Visitors”
  • In “Statistics” mobile traffic includes: Phone, Tablet, E-readers and portable game consoles
  • Postbacks with status “install” are available
  • Integration with Mobile_Detect. It can be used when the option “Fast device identification” is enabled
  • Updated bases of devices, browsers and OS
  • Fixed case when parameter referrer sends as empty but the value from headers saves in statistic
  • Fixed clearing stream's weight and position after moving and copying
  • Fixed blank authorization page
  • Fixed the inability to remove all values in filters
  • If TDS works with ssl then links will be generated with https
  • Fixed bag with memcache settings
  • Added caching for memcacheD
  • Сontent-type forwarding when uses CURL action
  • Fixed switching textarea on input at “Action” in streams


  • Updated bot signatures
  • Fixed mobile network operator names
  • Sort list of operators in table Visitors


  • Fixed for error “Exception must be compatible”
  • Allowed postbacks from
  • Updated of bots signatures


  • Fixed bug with file “models-s30.php”
  • Added ids for before URLs on page “By Streams”


  • Allowed postbacks with statuses “accept” and “accepted”


  • Improved search in filters by cities and operators
  • Returned operators: movistar, airtel, telefуnica, cosmote, mobitel, viettel


  • Fixed clearing value with actio “Show as HTML-page”


  • Added header for csv file of Visitors
  • Added replacing input to textarea for actions “Show as HTML” and “Show text”
  • Disabled magic quotes in .htaccess
  • Fixed filter by cookies when TDS doesn't have domain
  • Updated list of bots signatures


  • Fixed checkbox for Hourly statistic in Settings
  • Better identification of ios devices in Fast mode
  • Added instruction of configuring Postbacks
  • Updated list of bots signatures


  • Manual ordering of group
  • Added bots signatures of WebIndex and Slurp
  • To table Visitors added column “Device Model”


  • Increased time for setting for table Visitors
  • Fixed sorting at pages Operation Systems, Browsers, Device Types
  • Allowed access to groups like http://domain/id/?params
  • Updates bots signatures.


  • Added switcher to Settings to enable/disable fast method of device identification. By default it uses fast method.
  • Increased speed of searching cell phone network (must be updated database on page Updates)
  • Updated list of bots


  • Finds types of user devices (desktop, phone, tablet, e-reader, game console, tv)
  • Finds models of devices
  • New filters: device type, device model
  • New statistics: browsers, operation systems, device types
  • Removed filter by mobile devices (use device types)
  • Fixed limited rows in table Statistic by Streams
  • Added column “Device Type” in table Visitors
  • Changes in naming of browsers and OS: IEMobile → Mobile Internet Explorer, Mac OS X → OS X, PS Vita → PlayStation Vita, Symbian → Series60;


  • Removed warning on page Create User


  • Added FlipboardProxy to bots
  • Correct identification of Windows 8.1
  • Fixed error “Group not found” after edit domains in URLs


  • Allowed any cities to stream filter “Cities”
  • Postback receiver learned about status “confirm”
  • Fixed logging in Monitoring for condition “Always”


  • Fixed excess symbol “/” at the ending in js-redirect (meta-refresh)
  • Fixed incorrect searching of cell phone operators.


  • Optimized algorithms in Redis-mode
  • Optimized algorithm searching cell phone operator.


  • Users managed to create new groups
  • Separate control on groups for users (edit, delete)
  • Switching between old and new URL styles
  • Action that applied on bot shows on page Visitors.


  • Improvements with curl redirect. Fixed replacement of relative links in case between first URL and page was redirect. Fixed replacements with URLs like "//domain/page".
  • Fixed export of common stats.


  • Checks URL when using both REMOTE and viruschackmate.


  • Fixed traffic simulation.


  • In API when using redirect to another group, in “stream” now shows information about last stream, not first.


  • Fixed save visitor record to statistic when using action “To Group”


  • When using REMOTE the resulted URL will be in table Visitors
  • New method replaceDestination for custom redirect-scripts


  • Fixed replace parameter source by referrer
  • Add setting avscan_engines to config.ini


  • Integration with
  • Integration with Sypex Geo City
  • Autocomplete by cities
  • Names of countries/languages instead of iso-codes
  • Separator # in filter by UserAgent instead of ‘;'


  • Fix filtering by keyword and stream simultaneously at Visitors page.
  • Fix creating user with permissions to statistics.
  • Fix clear statistics of group.


  • New mode “Targeted banners ads” that make changes in group layout and adds code generator.
  • New action for bots “Do Nothing”.
  • Fixed filling Search Engines table with domains from referrers.


  • New filter by regions (states).
  • Custom URL Macros.
  • Removed macros date_ru, date_en, date_rfc (use “date” instead of them).
  • Removed macros group_key.
  • URL builder for group links.
  • URL bulder for streams.
  • New incoming URL http://domain/group (old ones are working as usual).
  • Update operators at page Updates.
  • Renamed additional list my.ip.dat to bots.additional.dat.
  • Configure action to bots at group settings page.
  • Clear statistics only of single group.
  • Allowed commas in user-agent's filter.
  • Separate access for users to statistic pages.
  • Tracking conversions with postbacks.
  • New field SubId and SubId2 that are saved in Visitors table. SubId is given by TDS, SubId2 you may send as parameter.
  • Export for Visitors table.
  • Disable statistic for the last action in group.
  • Get-parameter names now available in application/config/config.ini.
  • Removed bots identification method by host.
  • New directory for redirects is /application/redirects/.
  • Add “Content-Type: application/javascript” for redirect js_for_script.
  • Alias for group are generated in creation form.